TelEm Group welcomes new CFO Randell Hato, focusing on securing the company’s future success

July 6, 2023 10:06 am

Pond Island – TelEm Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Randell Hato as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

With a wealth of experience in the telecommunications sector and a strong private and public sector background, Mr. Hato brings profound knowledge and a strategic mindset to his new role. He is determined to ensure a secure future for TelEm Group and the telecommunications industry of St. Maarten itself.

Having served in strategic positions within the telecommunications sector, both regionally and internationally, Mr. Hato is well-versed in the industry's challenges and highly competitive nature. He assumes the role of CFO and statutory director, succeeding the former long-running CFO, Mrs. Helma Etnel, who has retired.

“The telecommunications landscape has undergone significant transformations, pitting local carriers like TelEm Group against regional, international, and non-telecommunications competitors like Google and Facebook. TelEm needs to make investments to leverage the existing telecommunications infrastructure. This rapidly evolving environment challenges staying relevant and sustainable as a telecommunications carrier and business entity,” says Mr. Hato.

The new CFO recognizes the need for TelEm Group to adapt to the changing landscape. He has already commenced a comprehensive assessment of the company's performance, utilizing analytical metrics and figures to identify areas of improvement, and states that his initial findings indicate that although the company faces substantial challenges, he believes in its potential to overcome them through a renewed sense of urgency and awareness.

As part of his commitment to TelEm Group's future, Mr. Hato aims to play a significant role in developing a new five-year strategic plan. He is presently working closely with the management team to ensure the project aligns with the evolving business landscape and positions TelEm Group for profitability and sustainability. He aims to create a company culture that embraces change and fosters innovation.

Mr. Hato's decision to join TelEm Group demonstrates his preference for the telecommunications sector and his affinity for St. Maarten. With an impressive track record, he was sought after by numerous companies but chose TelEm Group as his preferred destination. He has already engaged with major stakeholders, including banks and lenders, to explore potential refinancing of loan arrangements and other concessions that can help the company navigate a challenging period.

TelEm Group is confident that under Mr. Hato's co-leadership, it will re-enforce its position as a top-level telecommunications service provider and contribute positively to the country's Gross National Product (GDP).

The company extends a warm welcome to Mr. Hato and looks forward to his contributions to shaping the future of TelEm Group.