It's Time SXM Foundation partners with Pelican league Baseball to host the Caribbean Invitational Baseball Tournament

October 16, 2022 8:42 pm

POND ISLAND -- In a joint effort to revive the spirit of baseball on St. Maarten, It's Time SXM Foundation in close collaboration with the Pelican League Baseball have joined forces to organize the Caribbean Invitational Baseball Tournament. A tournament which idea came from the secretary of the pelican league Baseball Ms. Julia Ambrosina. The both foundations immediately jumped at the great idea of such a tournament.

This major Tournament is being hosted to bring local and international baseball enthusiasts together at the Little League Ball Park, from November 17 - 21, 2022.

"Baseball in St. Maarten was once our main sport that unifies our entire community; with some exceptional talents and contributions made to the global landscape. These individuals will be highlighted during the build-up of the Caribbean Invitational baseball Tournament to remind the community about our past baseball heroes, while also, inspiring younger fans to learn more about the importance of this amazing sport. The historical contributions made by some living legends, as well as, others who have passed on, are truly remarkable. 'It's Time' for them to receive the well-deserved honor which they have earned," says Cloyd Ohndhae Marlin, President, It's Time SXM Foundation.

Unprecedented selections of several All-Star teams, comprised of local and international players from St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and St. Croix, will be participating. The Caribbean Invitational baseball Tournament forges a powerful movement that encourages professional players abroad to return home and share their talents, while also, showcasing spectacular sportsmanship for the further growth and development of the sport among the local community.

The participating teams thus far include St. Maarten's very own baseball champions, the SXM Owls. Also included, will be teams hailing from Curacao, such as the Wild Cats. Participating from Aruba, the Champion team ATCO, is no stranger to St. Maarten baseball fans. Additionally, the Marlboro Red Machine is another renowned team that will be representing Aruba. A selection team of young prospects from St. Croix will also be showcasing their baseball talents. Puerto Rico was previously slated to send a selection of players. Unfortunately, due to the recent passing and damages caused by the hurricane, they will no longer be able to participate.

"Through the Tournament and other ongoing baseball activities, our goal is to redevelop baseball back on the level where it used to be," says Omar Williams President of the Pelican League Baseball. "We are truly grateful for the positive reinforcement by the It's Time SXM Foundation to make this Tournament a success. We encourage all baseball lovers from throughout the Caribbean and those living here to come out in full force and cheer for your national teams. We also urge the entire St. Maarten to come out and support our talented local and international baseball players as they are coming out to represent to the fullest and put on a show."

One major aim of the Caribbean Invitational Baseball Tournament is to provide a platform that showcases local and regional baseball talents and also, provides global visibility for international scouts to recognize and sign-up these players to professional teams and international sports organizations, which propels them to another level as St. Maarten Sports Ambassadors.

Several St. Maarten professional players from abroad will be gracing the field with their talents. This includes, but is not limited to award-winning players, such as:

- Denzel Richardson, MVP and Home Run Champion in the Dutch Professional League.

- Felix Brown, professional Baseball Player in France and Baseball Coach; Brown also launched his proprietary brand of baseball bats which will be used and promoted during the Tournament.

- Franklin Van Gurp, professional Pitcher from St. Maarten.

- Raul Jacobs, a fan favorite from St. Maarten.

Other college players and countless other exemplary players will be among the Tournament line-up, which is not to be missed.

Also included in the Caribbean Invitational Baseball Tournament, will be a Home Run Derby. The Tournament's Home Derby provides a unique opportunity for players to step up and challenge St. Maarten's very own home-run king Edwin Der Weer, a phenomenal player whose home runs span beyond the 100s within his exceptional baseball career.

The Caribbean Invitational Baseball Tournament organizers, It’s time SXM Foundation and Pelican Baseball League are urging the community to come out to support and witness great players and future prospects first-hand. This event is geared towards the revival of baseball among the local and regional communities.

The Tournament is made possible by the following sponsors:

Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (EYCS)

Burger King,

Oyster Bay Resort

Port de Plaisance Hotel,

MNA Auto Parts

St. Maarten Concrete



Kreative Juices Catering

Sovereign Security Force

American University of St. Maarten

D Force Plus

Other sponsors are invited to come on board and support the Caribbean Baseball Invitational Tournament, as its being organized to elevate the community through sport.

For further information, please stay tuned to the It's Time SXM or Pelican Baseball League Facebook pages, or contact Ohndhae Marlin at (721) 556-5181, or Omar Williams 527-4282.

Captioned in the picture are the following from left to right:

Micheline Warner (board member It’s Time SXM)

Edmund Williams (Pelican League Baseball)

Roy Lynch (VP It’s Time SXM foundation)

Omar Williams (President Pelican Baseball League)

Cloyd “Ohndhae” Marlin (President It’s Time SXM foundation)

Lenrick Pinto (Pelican Baseball League)

Labriska Courtar (Iit’s Time SXM foundation)