Police of Sint Maarten will start carrying out controls in connection with road tax and technical requirement

April 11, 2023 3:31 pm

The police force of Sint Maarten would like to urge all owners of impounded scooters and other vehicles to collect them from the police station in Phillipsburg. These vehicles were previously impounded for violation of traffic regulations and were placed at the disposal of the owner at the police station.

To retrieve these vehicles, the owner must identify themselves and provide the necessary documents, which include a driving license, road tax, vehicle registration certificate, and proof of insurance. In the event that the vehicles are not collected within a certain timeframe, the prosecutor will intervene and the vehicles will be disposed of.

The police of Sint Maarten would also like to announce that they will start controlling for road tax as well as the technical aspects of vehicles on public roads

Hence, it is important for those who operate any vehicle to have attached the plate bearing your registration number. Additionally, your vehicle must meet the technical requirements set by the law.

During the coming period, there will be increased controls to ensure that all vehicles meet the set requirements. Therefore, we kindly ask for your cooperation in this regard to ensure that your vehicle meets the set requirements.