Workshop on “Study Beyond My PBL, PKL & TKL Education” slated for November 9th, 2023

November 6, 2023 1:55 pm

PHILIPSBURG – Furthering one’s education after completing secondary school is an exciting process for any student. However, for students graduating from PBL, PKL and TKL education, this process may be a bit more challenging than students graduating from other forms of education. This process can be daunting for students and parents, but Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs is here to assist.

SSSD will be holding the free workshop entitled “Study Beyond My PBL, PKL, & TKL Education” on Thursday, November 9 th , 2023. This event will be held at the University of St. Martin from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. and is geared at students who are currently attending or recently graduated from PBL, PKL and TKL education programs on the island.

Topics such as understanding your diploma equivalence and the process to transition into MBO programs and college programs will be provided. Information regarding the various types of schools across different regions will also be discussed as well as their unique application requirements.

All students on the island can attend the “Study Beyond PBL, PKL & TKL Education” workshop as it will equip students with the knowledge on how to further their skills in a specific field and achieve the career they truly desire. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children as well.

“It is often assumed by some students that after completing their secondary education that they must immediately join the workforce as there are no educational institutions to match their goals. However, in Sint Maarten and various regions around the world, students can apply to various programs and achieve their academic or career goals. During the workshops, the various opportunities and application requirements will be provided to students.”

SSSD officials noted. SSSD officials indicated that workshop participants are urged to register in advance so that space availability may not become an issue. Parents are urged to encourage their children to participate in this workshop. If parents or students have any questions on these workshops, they can contact the Student Support Services Division at telephone 543-1235 or for more information.

The Student Support Services Division is located in the Gatspy’s Building, across from the Police Station and next to the Windward Island Bank (WIB) in Philipsburg. SSSD provides many services to students including psychological services, counseling services, speech language pathology services, social work services, educational diagnostic services, career services. SSSD also provides parent support groups, parental workshops and crisis intervention services to schools.