The Ministry of VROMI in Collaboration with Island Paints BV and the NSI Reveals the Newly Resurfaced St. Peters Basketball Court

July 19, 2023 10:59 am

St. Peters – The Ministry of VROMI announced the successful completion and grand reveal of the newly resurfaced basketball court in ST. Peters. This project was done in collaboration with Island Paints BV and the National Sports Institute (NSI) and marks, a significant milestone in the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to enhance sports infrastructure and promote community engagement.

The soft opening event took place on Sunday, July 9th at the St. Peters Basketball Court. The ceremony witnessed enthusiastic community members and basketball enthusiasts. The event showcased the impressive transformation of the basketball court, highlighting its upgraded playing surface, and visually appealing design.

The soft opening ceremony was hosted by the Cabinet of VROMI’s Senior Policy Advisor, Peter J. Gittens, who warmly welcomed attendees, and the Minister of VROMI Egbert J. Doran who commended the collaborative efforts that made this project possible.

“I would like to take this time to thank the Ministry of VROMI for their input, especially the Cabinet. I would like to thank Island Paints BV for all that was done. I would also like to thank the community for all the work that they put in, and lastly, the NSI. Without any one of those stakeholders, we would not have been here today doing this handover that we are doing right now” said the Minister of VROMI.

Through the generous collaboration of Island Paints BV, known for their expertise in creating high-quality surfaces, and the Ministry of VROMI, which demonstrates unwavering support for community development, our basketball court has undergone a remarkable revitalization. The resurfaced court now offers an impeccable playing experience, allowing athletes and recreational players to elevate their game to new heights.

This project was the first step in the Minister’s vision to solidify the importance of sports infrastructure in fostering a sense of community pride, promoting active lifestyles, and providing a safe space for athletes of all ages and skill levels to pursue their passion for basketball.

In addition to the speeches, attendees enjoyed thrilling exhibition games, including a Netball Game and a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship. The event brought together community members, families, and friends who shared a common goal of celebrating the revitalization of this cherished basketball court.

While the current resurfacing is a significant achievement, it is important to note that there are more repairs and improvements planned for the future. The Ministry of VROMI remains dedicated to further enhancing the basketball court and ensuring that it continues to serve as a quality recreational facility for the community.