TelEm Group first to launch eSIMs on Sint Maarten

September 25, 2023 10:34 am

Pond Island – TelEm Group, the leading local telecommunications provider, is set to revolutionize mobile connectivity on October 2nd , 2023, with the introduction of eSIM technology. This marks a significant step forward for mobile users in the region.

This product launch is a major technological achievement, following successful testing and the seamless integration of eSIMs into TelEm Group's mobile platform and devices. With eSIMs, customers can easily subscribe to multiple plans for work, travel, or leisure in a secure digital environment.

One of the key advantages of eSIMs is the flexibility they offer. Subscribers can transfer their mobile numbers to other devices without the hassle of physically removing a traditional SIM card. TelEm Group will support both digital eSIMs and physical SIM cards in one phone (dual SIM configuration), giving subscribers even more flexibility.

Michiel Parent, TelEm Group's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), expressed confidence in the product's readiness for the market, driven by customer demand. He highlighted that many customers were eager to use eSIMs, especially with the recent release of eSIM-exclusive devices like the iPhone 15.

Mr. Parent emphasized TelEm Group's commitment to customer feedback, stating, "The introduction of eSIMs is a direct response to their needs and expectations, and we are pleased to be able to offer this solution."

The upcoming launch will include educational materials about eSIMs, explaining how they work.

During the initial phase, customers with an eSIM compatible phone can transition from physical SIM cards to eSIMs at TelEm Group locations with dedicated assistance. “The first thing a customer needs to do is check whether their phone is eSIM compatible. Simply go to settings-> mobile networks/cellular and check if there is an option to add eSIM.

In subsequent phases, customers will have the option to perform the migration themselves through a web portal or kiosks using QR codes or manual input.

TelEm Group is dedicated to enhancing its customers' digital experiences, and the eSIM launch represents just the beginning of their ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

For more information about purchasing eSIMs from TelEm Group, please contact: 548-HELP (4357) or visit