TelEm Group announces major transformation plans on the horizon

September 27, 2023 1:31 pm

Pond Island – The TelEm Group of Companies announced today that it will transform its total operation into a state-of-the-art “Integrated Digital Service Provider” for St. Maarten.

Information about the transformation was revealed to the Council of Ministers in a specially convened meeting at the Government Administration Building on Tuesday.

During the meeting, CEO Mr. Kendall Dupersoy and CFO Mr. Randell Hato, outlined management’s plans. According to Mr. Dupersoy, the message to the Shareholder is that global trends in the telecommunication industry is forcing telco’s everywhere to change their outdated business model of delivering traditional telecommunications services to the customer to instead become more customer-centric, offering app services, streaming services, faster and more reliable data bandwidth, payment platforms for retail and wholesale outlets etc.

“Telcos everywhere are taking the step of transforming into digital service providers for their very survival in a very competitive industry. Companies must literally reinvent themselves every quarter,” says Mr. Dupersoy.

He says the company has commissioned a team of top experts in the industry, with experience in transformation and change management to assist with TelEm Group’s evolution. As the group terms it, to become an "Integrated Digital Service Provider" with a vision aimed at "Navigating Today's Waves, Steering Towards a Digital Tomorrow".

“Our immediate focus is on financial stabilization – increasing revenues and reducing costs,” informed Mr. Dupersoy during the meeting with personnel Tuesday, stating also that the company is embarking on a journey that will involve cutting-edge technology and a culture of innovation that will enhance customer experiences.

Mr. Dupersoy says while a continued drop in revenues may well be forcing management’s hands to move at a greater pace with the transformation than was previously planned, it is in fact a plan that has been in the offing for several years, with management already putting in place a foundation for a new business model with updated hardware, a new billing platform and a customer centric CRM system.

“Two years ago, the Customer Relations Management system (CRM) was introduced and immediately started a program of internal advanced automation. As mentioned, we are also installing and implementing a new billing system that will accommodate many of the new features and requirements of an Integrated Digital Service,” continued Mr. Dupersoy.

The CEO says management has pledged to keep employees informed about the transformation plans and to allay their fears and concerns as much as possible.

“TelEm takes its responsibility to its employees very seriously. It is not in our DNA to take these decisions lightly. We have called on everyone to be understanding and patient as we navigate this new direction for the company and for its survival in these critical times,” continued Mr. Dupersoy.

TelEm Group management and board have assured the shareholder that communication with employees remains a priority at this time.

“Much interest is being shown in a voluntary early retirement package in the event there are employees who may want to take a step towards a fresh beginning for themselves, their loved ones and their families. The plan cannot be announced as it will be tailored to each specific employee based on several criteria,” said Mr. Dupersoy.

The CEO says far from seeing challenges to overcome, he personally sees an exciting future ahead for TelEm, filled with opportunities and achievements.

“We are embarking on a major journey to change the face of TelEm Group as it is today. By making this announcement today, we invite everyone to come on board and join in our journey to success,” said the CEO, Mr. Dupersoy.