"Taxation Explained," Educates Attendees on Tax Responsibilities and Administration

November 8, 2023 11:51 am

Financial Literacy Month Event Deemed a Success

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten— As part of the ongoing Financial Literacy Month, a highly informative information session titled, "Taxation Explained," was successfully hosted at the Government Administration Building on November 6th, 2023. This event, organized in collaboration with The Ministry of Finance and Ms. Ife Badejo of Islandpreneur, aimed to provide the public with comprehensive insights into various tax obligations and the critical role of the Tax Administration in promoting compliance and cooperation.

The session commenced with an opening address by Ms. Sherry Hazel, the head of the Tax Administration, who extended a warm welcome to the enthusiastic audience that filled the venue and outlined the organizational structure and role of the Tax Administration.

The event was divided into three insightful segments, each focusing on crucial aspects of taxation. Ms. Sharon Washington, an expert in Business Tax, elucidated on the world of corporate tax obligations, emphasizing the significance of accurate tax reporting, and providing practical strategies for navigating the tax landscape effectively.

Following this, Ms. Amelia Pantophlet provided attendees with invaluable insights into individual tax responsibilities, offering guidance on the process of applying for extensions, submitting protests, and handling objections. Her comprehensive presentation aimed to empower individuals with the necessary knowledge to manage their tax affairs well.

Concluding the session, Ms. Sharon Richardson from the Receivers Office delivered an interesting talk on the pivotal role of receivers in managing tax-related matters. Highlighting the legal and financial dimensions of receivership, Ms. Richardson stressed the importance of collaborative efforts in resolving tax-related issues, shedding light on the effective methods of cooperation between taxpayers and the Tax Administration.

Throughout the event, attendees actively engaged with the presenters, fostering a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that facilitated a better understanding of the relationship between the Tax Administration and the public.

The Minister of Finance, Mr. Ardwell Irion, was present during the session, actively participating in discussions with attendees and providing updates on the future initiatives planned for the Tax Administration. In his closing remarks, Minister Irion reassured the audience that public engagement with the Tax Administration would be a recurring feature, emphasizing the continuous need for improved communication and collaboration.

Most of the activities are free to the public. The public is encouraged to register at www.finlit.sx. The schedule and updates can also be found there.