St. Maarten Launches Financial Literacy Month

September 24, 2023 11:41 pm

Activities in Novmember are focused on empowering individuals & strengthening the economy.

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with Islandpreneur, and in partnership with various local stakeholders, is thrilled to announce the celebration of the inaugural St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month this year. This initiative underscores the crucial importance of financial education for individual empowerment and the broader economic prosperity of the nation.

Financial literacy is not merely a personal advantage—it's a national asset. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make sound financial decisions, the groundwork for a more prosperous, stable, and resilient economy is laid. Understanding money—how to earn it, save it, manage it, and invest it—is integral to personal growth and robust economic development.

With this ethos, the program is meticulously curated to equip as many as citizens as possible with the essential knowledge and skills needed for sound financial decisions, thereby contributing to the overall economic prosperity of St. Maarten during the month of November.

During St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month (November 2023), the Tax Office will offer support and resources to ensure citizens have a fair opportunity to enhance their financial knowledge and better understand the tax system. Moreover, residents can look forward to a series of "Lunch & Learn" sessions with esteemed financial experts. These events promise to provide invaluable insights into money management, savings, investments, and real estate, over a casual meal.

It's also our pleasure to announce that during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrated globally in November, St. Maarten will host a lineup of international experts. Their presence aims to fortify the bridge between financial literacy and entrepreneurship, showcasing the world of possibilities that financial knowledge can unlock.

One of the highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Week will be the much-anticipated finals of the 2 nd Annual National Youth Pitch Competition. This contest will spotlight the bright and innovative minds of our youth. Already 18 teams have applied to the competition.

Adding to the excitement are the speed mentoring sessions, designed to foster swift yet impactful exchanges of knowledge and guidance between mentors and entrepreneurs. These sessions offer an unmatched opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and financially curious minds to gain rapid insights from local and international insights.

In conclusion, the St. Maarten Financial Literacy Month is more than a celebration—it's a commitment. A commitment to empowering every citizen, from young minds to seasoned professionals, with the financial tools and knowledge they need to chart their own success stories.

Islandpreneur is a brand of events and programs that support innovation, financial, and entrepreneurship development. A detailed schedule of events and further information will be shared on in the upcoming weeks. The public is encouraged to stay connected for updates at or email for any inquiries.