Serious Scooter Accident on A.J C Brouwers Road: Urgent Safety Reminder for Riders

September 4, 2023 11:24 pm

Personnel of the traffic department of KPSM are busy investigating a serious scooter accident that occurred on Tuesday evening, August 29th, 2023, at approximately 19:50, on the A.J C Brouwers Road. The incident involved two scooters and resulted in two individuals sustaining serious injuries.

On the aforementioned evening, the police and ambulance dispatch received multiple distress calls reporting a severe collision involving two scooters on the A.J C Brouwers Road. Officers promptly responded to the scene.

Based on preliminary investigations, it was determined that the scooter traveling uphill on the Brouwers Road leaned excessively to the left while negotiating a corner, leading to a loss of control. This resulted in a collision with the second scooter, which was descending the hill on the same road. The impact of the accident caused substantial damage to both scooters.

The rider of the uphill-bound scooter suffered extensive injuries to their face and upper body due to the loss of control and subsequent collision. The rider of the second scooter also sustained injuries to their upper body. Immediate medical attention was provided to both victims by ambulance personnel present at the scene. Subsequently, they were both transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for comprehensive medical care. The second victim was later transferred to the French Side Medical Center for further specialized treatment.

This incident marks the second significant scooter-related accident within a short span of time. In light of these unfortunate events, the Police Force of Sint Maarten urgently reminds all scooter and motorcycle riders to prioritize their safety. It is imperative that riders wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets, protective clothing, and footwear, to mitigate the risk of severe injuries in case of accidents. Furthermore, all riders are urged to strictly adhere to the traffic rules and regulations of Sint Maarten while operating their vehicles.

The Police Force of Sint Maarten remains committed to ensuring the safety of all road users and calls upon the community's cooperation to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.