Police Force of Sint-Maarten Postpones Traffic Circulation Plan Implementation to Ensure Public Understanding and Safety

October 30, 2023 10:30 pm

The Police Force of Sint-Maarten (KPSM) announces the postponement of the planned changes in the traffic circulation plan, initially set to be implemented on October 31, 2023. Following careful consideration, logistics assessment, and brainstorming sessions, the police have decided to delay the implementation to provide the public with ample time to understand the forthcoming changes.

The decision to postpone the traffic circulation plan is rooted in our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents and visitors of Sint-Maarten. The additional time will allow us to engage in comprehensive community outreach programs, enabling citizens to comprehend the changes thoroughly and prepare for the adjustments in traffic flow.

The KPSM emphasizes that this postponement is a proactive measure, taken in response to the valuable feedback received from the community. We understand the significance of transparent communication and public awareness in executing such plans effectively.

The KPSM reassures the public that once the circulation plan is implemented, it will be continuously monitored. We remain committed to making necessary adjustments based on real-time feedback and evolving traffic needs.

We encourage residents, businesses, and visitors to stay tuned for further announcements and educational initiatives aimed at clarifying the details of the traffic circulation plan.