On The Walls of Society: Close Of GAPP Global Conference A Tremendous Success

July 11, 2023 9:18 am

Galisbay, St. Martin - July 11, 2023 - The highly anticipated GAPP GLOBAL conference, hosted by Repairers of Broken Walls Ministries International, concluded at the Belair Community Center on Saturday, July 9, 2023, after a week-long series of impactful sessions and events. Under the visionary Christian leadership of Lead Pastor Kurt Richardson and Apostle Napolina Richardson, the first-time GAPP GLOBAL conference surpassed all expectations, with an extraordinary turnout and a wave of positive feedback from attendees.

Kicking off on July 4, 2023, the conference began with a welcome ceremony that set an atmosphere of enthusiasm and anticipation. Throughout the week, participants were blessed with thought-provoking discussions and empowering teachings on the theme of "On the Walls of Society." The diverse range of topics covered inspired attendees to adopt transformative approaches to bringing change within their communities.

GAPP GLOBAL conference was honored to host internationally renowned pastors, Apostle Moses Rankin and Apostle Dr. Oral Rankin, who traveled from the United Kingdom and St. Thomas, respectively, to share their wisdom and minister during two (2) of the conference sessions. Their presence added depth and richness to an already impactful program, leaving attendees ready to embrace their vital role in societal transformation. Visiting Apostles also attended from Orlando, Florida.

The culmination of the conference on July 9, 2023, was marked by a mesmerizing Caribbean breakfast and seminar titled "Watchmen Arise." Attendees were treated to a thought-provoking discussion highlighting the importance of the individual's role in being vigilant and proactive in addressing societal challenges. The “Watchmen Arise” seminar by Apostle Dr. Napolina Richardson left everyone pondering the notion of unity and the strength that can be derived from collective action aligned with Government and amongst the people.

Looking ahead, GAPP GLOBAL conference organizers are thrilled to announce that the event will continue in 2024, headed for the spirited shores of GAPP GLOBAL AMERICA. The upcoming edition promises to build on the success of this year's conference, offering a platform for global collaboration and fostering connections that transcend borders.

GAPP GLOBAL wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to Lead Pastor Kurt Richardson and Apostle Dr. Napolina Richardson for their tireless efforts in delivering an extraordinary conference experience. Their unwavering commitment to empowering individuals for societal change has played a significant role in the success of this year's event.

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