Minister Ottley: Community backboards and basketball net repairs in full swing

November 3, 2023 8:16 am

Minister of VSA Omar Ottley and Mr. Sigfried Hodge of NSI proudly stands below the newly repaired backboards in Belvedere and Simpsonbay basketball courts. All other districts with outdoor community basketball courts under NSI can expect repairs.

PHILIPSBURG–Recognizing the importance of outdoor sports and the positive impact they have on physical health and social well-being, Minister Omar Ottley has prioritized this project to revitalize the community's recreational spaces. The project includes the replacement of damaged backboards and nets on all outdoor community basketball courts across the island, ensuring that residents of all ages can enjoy the sport in well-maintained facilities.

Minister Omar Ottley emphasizes that the initiative is a significant step towards promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle in the community. "Investing in our outdoor community basketball courts is an investment in the health and happiness of our residents. By providing well-maintained facilities, we aim to encourage more people to participate in physical activities, fostering a sense of community and overall well-being," said Minister Ottley.

The repair and upgrade project is a collaborative effort involving government agencies, such as the National Sports Institute (NSI). It is set to be completed in the coming months, with a commitment to maintaining the facilities for years to come.

In addition to repairing the backboards and nets, the project will also consider potential enhancements such as lighting improvements and seating to create a safe and enjoyable environment for basketball enthusiasts.

Minister Ottley encourages the active involvement and support of the community in this endeavor, highlighting the importance of working together to achieve a healthier and more vibrant Dutch St. Maarten.