Justice HR Wins Agency of the Year at the Second Annual Justice Ball

August 1, 2023 12:44 am

Philipsburg - The Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten celebrated a night of recognition and excellence at the second annual Justice Ball on Saturday, July 29th. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Agency of the Year award, which was presented to the Justice Human Resource Department under the Staff Bureau.

The 2nd Annual Justice Awards and Recognition Ball was hosted by Rumari “Rummer” Rogers and began with the Sint Maarten Son Sang by reigning Justice Song Festival King, Mr. Davidson Charles, followed by an opening prayer delivered by Pastor Cuvalay. Pastor Cuvalay stated in his prayer that it was an honor to have opened Justice week with the Prayer Link and now able to bless the conclusion of the celebration with a prayer at the Justice Ball. The host then welcomed the Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson to deliver her speech to the Justice personnel and their special guests.

Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, commended the relentless efforts of the department, led by Acting-Secretary General Florence Marlin and supported by instrumental individuals such as HR Consultant Grace Marlin, Senior Policy Advisor Tiffany Glascow, Legal Consultant Peggy-Ann Brandon, and Curaçao based Consultant Alvin Daal. Their tireless dedication facilitated the process of staff placement. By extension, Minister Richardson also recognized and appreciated Head Financial Planning and Control Saskia Thomas-Solomon, specifically for the intense and tedious task of collecting historical personnel data and calculating what is due to each of the almost 800 persons who are members of staff of the Ministry of Justice. Mrs. Thomas-Solomon has identified what the retroactive and future payments are due to Justice personnel based on the approved Function Book.

Minister Richardson also expressed appreciation to other staff for their contributions in the placement and calculations process, such as Jeanine Henry representing Customs, Clenda Pecht and Paul Brown representing KPSM, Melisa Spencer-Morton representing Staff Bureau, and Cassandra Weekes-Jeffers of the Minister's Cabinet.

Addressing over 200 staff members at the award ceremony, Minister Richardson expressed deep pride and gratitude for the exceptional work carried out by the Ministry of Justice. She acknowledged the value of each individual's contribution and recognized those celebrating jubilees, marking 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service. These awards were presented by Minister Richardson and the respective department heads with the assistance of the Reigning Ms. Justice Ms. Angelique Edouard.

The Justice Ball brought together over nine departments and partners under the Ministry of Justice, fostering an environment of celebration, camaraderie, and recognition. Attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the event, affirming its significance as a cherished tradition.

Department heads were also honored and appreciated for their invaluable support during Minister Richardson's tenure. Each head received a crystal award as a symbol of appreciation for their dedication.

There were three department heads who received Minister awards and were recognized for their outstanding supportive service to the Ministry and their respective departments, namely:

• Carl John - Chief of Police

• Sidonie Angelique Meyers - Acting Head of Immigration and Border Protection Services
• Franklin Bernadina - Acting Chief of Customs

Additionally, Johishi Romney was recognized as the Minister's Senior Policy Advisor for his exceptional assistance and support to the Minister.

Another special recognition award was presented to Cherie “Natasha” Serrant and the lead coordinator of the Justice Committee, Ms. Marina Serrant. Minister Richardson highlighted how Marina Serrant dedicates her entire existence to the country in service during the day at the Ministry of Justice as an office assistant and then by night changes into her Voluntary Korps Sint Maarten (VKS) uniform and works at the Point Blanche Prison. On top of that, she takes the lead in organizing all the Minister's conferences and Justice Week events, including the ball, which is the selfless act of carrying quite a heavy load. For this, Minister Richardson honored Ms. Serrant with a prestigious appreciation crystal award.

Minister Richardson's closing remarks emphasized the shared commitment to building a just and fair society and the importance of collective efforts in achieving lasting impact.

The Minister of Justice extends her heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients of awards and recognition and thanks everyone who contributed to the success of the second annual Justice Ball.

The evening carried on with the entertainment of DJ Black Boy and Control Band. It was a night to remember where Minister Richardson is quoted as stating that "the Justice Workers of Sint Maarten work hard to keep Sint Maarten and its inhabitants safe and as such, deserve to be appreciated and awarded with recognition."