Join us for an Informative Event Planning Seminar!

July 28, 2023 11:39 am

The Ministry of Justice is excited to extend a warm invitation to all event organizers, whether you're planning public parties, concerts, conferences, or sporting events. This seminar aims to provide valuable insights into the right framework for hosting successful events while ensuring strict compliance with event laws and policies.

Key topics that will be covered during the seminar include:
1. Understanding Event Laws: Learn about the relevant laws and regulations that apply to different types of events, ensuring that you can organize your events with full legal compliance.
2. Ensuring Safety and Security: Discover best practices for maintaining the safety and security of both attendees and participants, mitigating potential risks and challenges.
3. Navigating Permit Procedures: Understand the necessary steps to obtain permits for your events, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free planning process.
4. Environmental Considerations: Guest attendees from the Ministry of VROMI will shed light on environmental guidelines and sustainable event practices to reduce the environmental impact of your events.
5. Risk Management: Get insights into effective risk management strategies to handle unexpected situations and emergencies during events.
6. Visa Waiver requests: be informed of the process to apply for a VISA Waiver and understand the guidelines that are used to grant these requests

See Flyer for details – Please Share

Come prepared with your questions, as there will be a Q&A session with experts from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of VROMI.

Whether you're an experienced event organizer or just starting in the field, this seminar promises valuable information to enhance your event planning skills. Compliance matters, and we want to help you host successful and legally sound events.

Don't miss this opportunity to network with other event organizers and gain essential knowledge to elevate your event planning game!

See you there!