Integrity Chamber Launches “Integrity in Voting” Video Series

October 20, 2023 10:03 pm

On September 27, 2023, the Integrity Chamber launched a new video series with the theme, “Integrity in Voting”. The aim of the video series is to shed light on the importance of integrity in the electoral process, and to discuss what it means to vote with integrity. The series features interviews with various professionals involved in the electoral process and from key sectors within the country.

The Integrity Chamber recognizes the importance of the decision that citizens have to make on election day. From the school system, to healthcare, to job opportunities, the leaders of the country determine the standard of living, and the quality of life. For this reason, integrity in voting is crucial.

The video series addresses several perspectives from which integrity in voting can be viewed, such as the regulation of the electoral process, the selection of political candidates, and the role of the citizens. Subjects that are discussed include the systems that are in place to safeguard democracy in the electoral process, the effects of frequent elections and changes in leadership, and the steps that citizens can take to make sure that they are voting with integrity.

The new video series “Integrity in Voting” can be viewed on the Facebook page at: and the YouTube page at:, where a new video is published each week. For more information and previous videos, visit the website at