Genesis Music Group can handle all major events with APG partnership

August 7, 2022 10:32 pm

Fulfilling a mission and a dream a decade in the making, Genesis Music Group (GMG), led by its Director St. Maarten businessman Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming, now has European company APG Sound’s biggest sound system in the entire Caribbean. With APG as a partner for sound and with lighting and high definition screens already a part of his equipment catalog, Mr. Rude confidently announced to all major players recently that Genesis Music Group is ready to take on events of all sizes on St. Maarten.

While GMG and Mr. Rude’s professional reputation and skill are well known on the island for doing various types of events, what remained out of reach specifically were major concerts and festival events. This was due to the limited size and range of his equipment. However, he knew that one day he would be able to handle the larger events because of the same principles of operation he applies to all aspects of his business: preparation and patience.

“My vision was clear for the acquisition of the equipment. With the guidance of God and a great support team around GMG, here we are today. Being in Carnival for 10 years I know what was needed and over the years I always fell short. The Village is an intimidating venue empty or full of people. So we constantly worked towards production possibilities that would complement the Village and other large open-air venues,” Fleming said.

Prior to getting to this point in GMG’s development, Fleming needed a like-minded business partner in which he can place his confidence and significant investment. That company, he said, is European brand APG Sound. When it started in 1978, APG specialized in the turnkey installation of integrated sound systems. The level of performance of the products quickly led to the creation of a range of professional speakers.

The quality of the APG sound was enough to position the brand among the leading French manufacturers in the market. APG also has a central policy that lined up with one of Fleming’s core beliefs and passions: listening to your clients. Constantly listening to its customers, APG seeks to respond, with passion and objectivity, to all their requirements to enable them to provide irreproachable services on a daily basis.

“And that is what spoke to me, it appealed to me from the start. They treated sound like a science that it is, not just loudness and noise,” Fleming said, adding that two of APG’s representatives were on the island recently to ensure that everything went well with GMG’s full use of its equipment in a recent concert in the Festival Village.

“They take their work serious. They measured the venue to make it has the right sound coverage and aiming, the advice on what exact equipment to use, where to put it, etc. They came to St. Maarten to support a partner and their product. It’s good to know that such a company is in your corner at all times. As of right now and through GMG, APG has their biggest sound system in the Caribbean which is a very big deal for them and a proud accomplishment for team GMG,” Fleming said.

Fleming invited many of the major players in event organization to the aforementioned concert recently to get a first-hand look and feel of his new system. Most notably among the guests were the Carnival Foundation, the main sponsor of the Heineken Regatta, a representative of the Minister of TEATT, and the organizers of Cooler Fete which he has already provided sound, lights, and screen for on previous occasions. “We can now contribute to the growth of all of these major festivals and any that may be on the horizon. We were not ready before the pandemic, we always fell short. Now, we are a player and ready to contribute beyond the next level,” Fleming said.

Maxence Castelain of APG said: “It was a pleasure to assist Mr. Rude with the direct support from France with my colleague Alain Boone. Congratulations to you and your wonderful Team, you did great work and you all can be proud of what you’ve done. Genesis Music Group has been working hard for years and now has for sure the biggest APG sound system in all of the Caribbean. Keep pushing guys!”

Keeping in line with the mission of APG, Fleming re-iterated that the approach is to develop lasting and profitable relationships with all the professional players in our market without ever forgetting the human and artistic realities to which we are so attached.

“We will never forget the most important relationship of all, and that’s with our clients, potential and existing. We will always listen to you. We will not tell you what to do with your production, we will advise how to make it better and it’s up to you. We understand that you have choices in this industry and I assure you, we will be competitive. But as usual with GMG you can expect a professional, patient, and listening crew with the goal of meeting your needs for quality production. Trust in GMG,” Fleming concluded.

Photo Caption: Director of Genesis Music Group Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming (center) with APG representative Maxence Castelain in the Festival Village showing one line of the sound equipment.