“Feminist Foreign Policy+ Group” Event to Highlight Gender Equality's Vital Role

September 21, 2023 11:06 pm

UN HEADQUARTERS, New York— The Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs attended an event titled, “Feminist Foreign Policy+ Group,” took place at the United Nations Headquarters on Wednesday, September 20. The primary objective was to underscore the fundamental importance of gender equality in promoting global safety, health, and prosperity. In response to this imperative, numerous countries are embracing feminist approaches to their foreign policies, aiming to turn their commitments into tangible actions.

The event delved into the practical implementation of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) as a potent catalyst for positive change, particularly within the context of a complex geopolitical landscape. It served as a dynamic platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities in realizing FFP and sharing commitments among participants.

The anticipated outcomes include the reinvigorating political commitment to Feminist Foreign Policy, facilitated through constructive dialogues between Ministers, civil society representatives, and feminist thought leaders. Furthermore, the event sought to inspire more countries to adopt feminist approaches within their foreign policy frameworks or formally declare explicit Feminist Foreign Policies. Key deliverables will included a declaration reaffirming dedication to feminist principles in foreign policy and a Chair's Summary capturing the commitments announced related to FFP and gender equality.

This event was hosted by a consortium of countries, including Chile, France, Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mongolia, and Spain, on behalf of the FFP+ group in New York. Distinguished attendees include Prime Minister Jacobs as well as other Ministers of Foreign Affairs, high-level UN representatives, and civil society advocates. The agenda comprised informative panels, keynote segments, interactive discussions, and creative elements such as an interactive banner where participants shared their views on feminism.