Engineer Khalil Revan spearheads repairs of road leading to Dutch Quarter social homes

July 21, 2023 1:18 pm

Local Engineer and Entrepreneur Khalil Revan along with St. Maarten First Foundation, Denton Quality Builders N.V., 2nd Chance Services N.V, Aljumenta Construction, Sunshine Construction & Painting Company B.V., and volunteers from the Union Farm and Dutch Quarter Community recently repaired the dirt road leading to social homes in Union Farm, Dutch Quarter.

For years, residents had been struggling with the deplorable state of the road, which had become almost impassable during the rainy season. The road has damaged the vehicles of residents and also caused them excessively high vehicle maintenance costs.

Moved by the plight of the families, Revan stepped up and used his initiative and rallied a team of contractors, committed laborers, and community volunteers. Revan saw the road as a problem simply waiting for someone to step up with a solution, not an insurmountable obstacle.

He explained that within no time, the team raised money for materials to repair the dirt road, mobilized equipment, and were on-site fixing the road. The repairs were done in stages over a period of 4 weeks. The repairs included fixing the potholes, grading and leveling the road to smooth out bumps, and covering up any dangerous gaps.

“This project is of great significance to me,” said Revan. “As a local engineer, I understand the difficulties people living in the area face, especially during rainy seasons when the road becomes impassable. It is my belief that every human deserves the dignity of basic amenities, such as good infrastructure, to lead a better quality of life. This initiative was more than just about fixing a road. It was about helping a community of social home residents feel cared for and valued and letting them know that they matter. That is what I strive to provide through my community programs,” he said.

He continued: "I frequent the area for work related to home repairs in the area and would see the struggles the families were going through every day. I knew I had to do something to help. The positive impact of the road repairs has been felt by residents who now no longer have to navigate dangerous potholes on their way to and from work and school.”

The residents expressed their gratitude to Revan and his team, saying It is not every day that they come across individuals who take it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of others, but Revan’s act of kindness is a reminder of the power of one person to create a positive impact on their community. Revan said it only takes selfless acts and an understanding of ones role in the community to affect positive change.

“The shared sense of ownership over the project instilled a feeling of pride and joy within the community. Entrepreneurship is not just about making a profit. It's also about serving others, and the impact that this initiative has had on the Dutch Quarter cannot be underestimated. This is a great example of how the power of community and entrepreneurship can combine to bring about change and growth. For all involved in the project, it was a labor of love. It was more than just repairing a road, it was about fixing the hearts and minds of the community and the residents in Union Farm, Dutch Quarter. It's clear that through collaboration and shared values, amazing things can be accomplished,” Revan concluded.

Revan’s focus on community is just one of the many reasons that people in Dutch Quarter and across the island have embraced him. He has spearheaded repairs to basketball courts and other community activities over the years and have embraced the benefits of collaboration and shared values to make a difference.