Doran Requests Government to Support Students' Study Efforts Amidst Power Outages

June 17, 2024 11:21 pm

In response to the ongoing energy crisis and frequent power outages affecting St. Maarten, Member of Parliament Egbert J. Doran has called for immediate action from the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport, Honorable Lyndon Lewis, to support students struggling to study in these conditions. He has proposed that Room 1 on the ground floor of the Government Building be made available after hours as a study space, providing a stable and well-lit environment for exam preparation.

MP Doran has received numerous messages from concerned parents about the difficulties their children face during outages. With exams approaching, students are finding it hard to focus and prepare adequately. Recognizing this issue, MP Doran's proposal aims to alleviate these challenges and offer practical support to families.

"I understand the frustrations that our students and parents are facing," said MP Doran. "Opening up a space in the Government Building after hours could make a significant difference." MP Doran noted that, of course, there would need to be proper supervision, but trusts that Minister Lewis would be able to put this provision in place.

 In his letter to Minister Lewis, MP Doran emphasized the importance of this initiative not only for academic preparation but also in reducing stress and anxiety pending their exams. "Providing a stable study environment will help our students prepare better for their exams," MP Doran added.

MP Doran hopes that Minister Lewis will urgently take this request into consideration as this is a time for practical solutions and collective efforts to support our community.