Brug submits updated tax returns and Police Record to President of the URSM

November 20, 2023 9:34 pm

On Friday November 17th, 2023, URSM candidate Richinel Brug submitted a copy of the certificates of good standing of his personal tax returns and those of his family business to the President of the URSM, attorney Brenda Brooks. Brug also submitted a recent copy of his police record to Ms. Brooks.

“It is often said that integrity is the foundation of leadership, especially when it comes to politicians. In today's society, where trust in political figures has been eroded by scandal and corruption, having politicians such as myself with integrity, is crucial for the betterment of our country. It is this understanding that compelled me to not only submit my police record but also my taxes.”

“I have always been in favor of candidates submitting official documentation prior to postulating themselves for political office. In the past I enquired about the possibilities to do a “pre- screening” prior to being elected. I was informed that this was not possible considering that by law only the employer could request such a screening for their (new) employee based on the specific type of tasks the person would have to execute.”

Brug explained that he was elated to learn that a (recent) police record was one of the criteria to be allowed to postulate on the URSM slate. “For me, it is not only important to share with others the motto of the URSM “taking a different road”, but also to do so myself. For this reason, I attached the copies of the certificates of good standing of my personal taxes and that of my family business, with the police record submitted to the board of the URSM on Friday, November 17 th , 2023.”

“Integrity forms the foundation upon which trust, credibility, and accountability are built. It is an indispensable quality required in our political leaders as they hold immense power and influence over public affairs. With such openness I hope to cultivate trust among you the voters, by showing you that I am genuinely committed to serve you with integrity and honesty.”