Inspectorate Cautions When Demolishing Buildings

May 16, 2023 9:41 am

Demolition work involves several of the hazards related to construction. It comprises additional unknown hazards, which makes demolition work particularly dangerous. Persons and companies seeking to demolish a building should stick to the following guidelines.

A demolition plan must be submitted to the Labor Inspectorate and the Inspectorate of VROMI for approval.

The objective of this demolition plan is to outline safe work procedures for the protection and safety of the workers, the public, and the environment.

A demolition plan is necessary when you want to demolish a two or multiple-story building. The demolition plan should consist of a description of the working method, the sequence of demolition, and the provisions to be made.

• If the horizontal distance from the inside of the sidewalk to the building is 4.50 m or less, the pavement over the entire length of the building must be covered for pedestrians.
• If the horizontal distance from the inside of the sidewalk to the building is more than 4.50 m but less than 7.50 m, a fence, and a safety net /screen will suffice
• Chutes must be used for the removal of stones and the like. Material that cannot pass through the chutes must be lowered.
• All openings in floors must be covered, unless in use for lowering material. If this is not possible, these openings must be provided with sideboards and handrails.
• Large pieces of wall may not be pulled over on floors. For the ground-floor walls, it’s only permitted if the necessary precautions have been taken in consultation with the Labor Inspector.
• If the walls are so thin or so weak that the workers cannot stand on them, double scaffolding or braces must be used.
• Floors must not be overloaded, material, debris, and other loads must be removed as quickly as possible
• Water must be used to prevent dust formation when walls are demolished. If water is impractical, the workers must have respirators at their disposal.
• The workers must also have proper personal protective equipment available for demolition

The Inspectorate strives to complete the approval within 6 weeks and will draft an approval letter, which will be provided to you. After approval, it may not be deviated from without permission.