Point Blanche Prison does not serve cereal to inmates for breakfast

September 16, 2022 1:07 pm

Point Blanche, Sint Maarten – Management of the Point Blanche Prison and House of Detention (HVB) has taken note of two videos published by SMN News on Thursday, September 15, 2022, allegedly indicating that maggots were found in the cereal of inmates of the Point Blanche Prison. The management of HVB hereby debunks these videos published by SMN News and makes the following announcement.

HVB serves breakfast to inmates, however, cereal is not one of the food items served to prisoners from its kitchen. Porridge is the only food item served at breakfast to the inmates. As such, there is absolutely no way that cereal that was infested with maggots was served at breakfast to the inmates. Inmates can purchase cereal from the canteen, however, this is done as a personal choice and not received as a food item served directly from the prison’s kitchen. The Point Blanche Prison cannot be held responsible for the length of time an inmate keeps a food item in their prison cell unused to the point where it could acquire maggots.