Minister Richardson and SIJB Discuss Ankle Bracelet Management, Foster Care, and More

July 3, 2023 11:56 am

The Department of Adult Probation, Department of Family Guardianship, and Foster Families Central Unit of the Foundation Judicial Institutes St. Maarten, were honored to receive a visit from the esteemed Minister of Justice, Anna Richardson, on June 28, 2023. The visit provided an excellent opportunity for the Minister to gain valuable insights into the operations of the organization and the important role played by these departments within the judicial system. Furthermore, ensuring societal protection and the welfare of children and families.

During the visit, the Minister of Justice met with the director, board members, and staff members of the foundation. The Minister engaged in productive discussions on a wide range of topics concerning the rehabilitation of persons in conflict with the law, support, and safeguarding minors and families within the community.

The Minister expressed commendation for the vital work carried out by the Department of Adult Probation, which plays a critical role in the successful reintegration of offenders into society. The Minister also engaged in productive discussions with the board members, management, and staff members on the topic of electronic monitoring, its impact on rehabilitation, offender supervision, and public safety. The Minister expressed a strong interest in understanding the role of the probation department, the processes, benefits, and challenges, and discussed potential advancements of the electronic monitoring system of monitoring such as the domestic violence application for victims. Staff members provided the Minister with an overview of the core tasks of the department in the area of diagnosis and advisory reports, parole and probation supervision, community services, and behavioral intervention training.

The Minister acknowledged the challenges faced by probation officers and pledged increased support to enhance their ability to supervise and rehabilitate offenders effectively and ensure the safety of the foundation's staff members. Additionally, the Minister underscored the importance of providing adequate resources to ensure continuity in implementing the department's evidence-based programs and practices.

Similarly, during discussions with the Department of Family Guardianship and Foster Families unit, the staff provided the Minister with an overview of the core tasks in the area of child protection, family assistance and foster care, and the management of the SJIS Youth Residential Home by the foundation. The Minister acknowledged the critical need for protecting the welfare of children and assistance to their families. Expressing admiration for the department's commitment to safeguarding children and families, the Minister emphasized the value of nurturing a safe and conducive environment for children while resolving family disputes and ensuring the best interest of the child. Furthermore, the Minister affirmed the importance of collaboration between multiple stakeholders and ministries to prevent and effectively address issues related to family guardianship and child protection. An update was also provided to the department regarding the status of the legislation for foster care.

The Minister's visit not only served as recognition for the hard work and dedication of the officers and staff members of both departments but also provided an occasion to identify areas of improvement and outline future initiatives to strengthen the justice system's overall effectiveness. The Minister also stressed on the importance of working together within the judicial chain.

The Board and Management expressed their gratitude to the Minister of Justice for taking the time to visit and engage with their respective teams and meeting with the Board and Management. The visit reinforced their commitment to the minister's vision of a fair and effective justice system that protects vulnerable sections of society while promoting rehabilitation and social reintegration.