Minister Ottley: Noticeable increase in severe influenza viral infection

May 16, 2023 2:34 pm

PHILIPSBURG--The Minister of Public Health, Social Development, and Labor (VSA), Omar Ottley advises the general public to be cautious of influenza viral infection.

What is the “flu” / “Common cold”?
Influenza Viral infection.
Contagious respiratory-borne illness by the viral family of Influenza A. Onset is Sudden and acute.

Incubation time is around 1-2 Days (contagious period also), with a symptomatic duration of 4-7 days* (if not medicated symptoms may last longer).

How to know if you are catching the flu?
The following symptoms include fever, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, dry or productive cough, and muscle and body aches.

Hydration + Antiviral medication (Tamiflu or Zithromax or other antibiotics ) + Symptomatic relief medication (Beconase nose spray for congestion, acetylcysteine mucolytics, and paracetamol for fever or sore throat).

Home treatment: Hydration + Honey/Ginger/Lemon tea + sleep.

Action plan: Go to your G.P – the faster you seek medical attention the less time you are sick.

Your health is our priority and acting immediately can be the difference between mild and severe flu. I am urging anyone experiencing severe flu symptoms to contact your G.P. immediately, said Minister Ottley.