The Audit Chamber Universe Launch

August 20, 2022 1:15 am

Philipsburg– The General Audit launched its new online interactive environment this month. Building on the innovation of its explainer videos, the General Audit Chamber now introduces a dynamic digital resource focused on the viewer. A simple click transports the viewer to the Audit Chamber’s graphical “universe”. Learn more about the institution and its latest findings on how tax money is being spent. The universe of information will continue to expand with the publication of new audit reports. The objective is to enhance the information experience by engaging the viewer. Interactivity in the videos, infographics, surveys, and audit reports means that the viewer dynamically processes information. The Audit Chamber’s communication mission is to explore new ways to engage and inform the public. The online interactive “Audit Universe” is the next step on that journey of discovery. To explore for yourself, click on the link on their website or their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.