Supermarket openings 3 days per week

April 16, 2020 7:13 am

POND ISLAND -- The Prime Minister has made the pre-announcement that as of next week it will be possible for supermarkets to open three days per week. Supermarkets and grocery stores will continue to deliver food and other essentials on the days that they are not opened to the public.

Changes to COVID-19 lock down will be announced by government on Friday, it was stated. Any official changes regarding opening times of supermarkets and grocery shops will go into effect starting Monday, April 20.

The two-week lock down of St. Maarten due to the COVID-19 pandemic was set end on Sunday, April 19. However, this is expected to continue, but taking into account the movement for essential services on a restricted schedule.

Meanwhile, the national decree outlining the lockdown of St. Maarten due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also been adjusted to allow people who need essentials to access supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, ATMs and gas stations for tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

This allowing of movement is not a release of the lockdown. It is a response to the need within the community and due to the delivery system for food not working out as expected. This change of approach is to ensure residents do not go hungry.

"On Thursday and Friday ... persons who do not have the essentials in their homes will be allowed to go to the supermarket, to go to the pharmacy even though pharmacies are delivering, and supermarkets also. You can also be able to go an ATM or the bank to do essential services." said Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs in the Weekly Live Council of Ministers Press Briefing