Prime Minister Jacobs reflects on passing of Hurricane Irma

September 6, 2022 7:35 pm

Five years passing since the devastation

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – This week is one wrought with memories in the history books of St. Martin. Five years ago, just when the sting of Hurricane Luis finally seemed like it was fading with the generations, the island was hurtled into chaos and destruction once more. There is no need to recount what happened during hurricane Irma, we were there, and we felt the impact; we’re still feeling the impact.

As everywhere receives new faces and the world is cast into pandemonium, exchanging one tragedy for another, we remember the emotional scars that are not so easily healed. We remember the lives lost. We remember, yet we remain. We are tired, but we are steadfast.

We took time to heal and are still healing. Look into the eyes of a newborn and feel hope, awake to the freshness of a sunrise and refreshment of a light drizzle as the blessing from God who sees us through all our storms.

Give thanks that our island, despite our struggles, grows fresh leaves to clothe the trees; washes the grime away; and the people come together to help, clean, sustain each other - sharing water, food, clothes, shelter!

Together we rebuilt after the destruction, slowly but surely businesses reopened and homes were repaired and visitors returned and we are more than grateful. Grateful for the outside assistance from our Kingdom Partners and International agencies, volunteers from around the world. Together, we survived, and we started to thrive.

St. Maarten is sturdy; St. Maarten remains, and even though we may be bruised we continue to live our motto; “Semper Pro Grediens” - Always progressing!