Parliament passes law amendment of 12.5% cuts

October 17, 2022 11:52 pm

~ Majority votes in favor of amending the ordinance regulating the 12.5% cut on civil servants ~

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten— Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs, Silveria Jacobs attended Parliament to clarify the last questions posed by Members of Parliament before the law went to a vote during the public meeting for today, Monday, October 17.

The meeting, which was dubbed #23 for Parliamentary for the year 2022/2023, was proposed to amend the ordinance regulating the 12.5% cut on civil servants to ratify the payment of vacation pay for civil servants. This was an urgent matter which the Council of Ministers sought to rectify seeing the economically trying times because of the pandemic and the ongoing war.

The previous meetings were postponed multiple times, but, after today, the vast majority has voted in favor of the amendment being passed . During today’s meeting the Parliament of Sint Maarten voted on and approved the amendment of draft national ordinance with 12 votes for and 3 votes against.

While acknowledging concerns of MPs, Prime Minister reiterated the reason the cuts were implemented in the first place, and the need to improve the situation seeing the improved financial position of the government. The aim is to reach to the stage where the cuts can be removed completely. That is the goal.

The Prime Minister thanked the Members of Parliament for their overwhelming support of this amendment and looked forward to the urgent handling of the Top Incomes Law. This is needed to be able to deescalate measures for all workers. “It has taken determination and persistence toward this goal. However, it has proven that if we stay the course and continue to work in favor of the people, the Government of Sint Maarten can be effective. This now means that civil servants can ultimately retain their vacation pay. They will also keep the vacation days currently being held in once we have met the conditions to start the reduction of the 12.5%. This is a win for everyone involved, but especially for our civil servants.” emphasized Prime Minister Jacobs.