New murals added to Philipsburg Art Walk

June 22, 2023 3:38 pm

In the past few months, Be The Change Foundation has added two new murals to its @ColorMeSXM ‘Philipsburg Art Walk’ project with the assistance of artists and donations. A total of 24 murals have been added as part of the project, which aims to beautify and diversify Philipsburg.

Yesterday, artist Bernica Michel was officially thanked for her participation. Her mural is located on Backstreet and is called ‘The Lion King’. The artwork depicts African King Sundiata Keita, who aimed to improve the lives of his people with his wealth and through creating human rights laws.

“This piece is dedicated to challenging the stereotypical image of the black man and portraying black history not taught in schools. One of the best ways to inspire action is to show what people who look like you have done before,” artist Bernica shares.

Opposite Bernica’s mural, the 2nd new mural is also easily spotted. This one features a bright, colorful landscape and Sint Maarten’s national bird and flower, the Brown Pelican and Yellow Sage. It was commissioned for the 2023 Royal Visit in March, and Princess Amalia helped Artist Adam G paint the finishing touches.

Be The Change Foundation would like to “thank all involved for their continued support of their projects and taking an active part to be the change you want to see.”

For more information on the project and to download the @ColorMeSXM ‘Philipsburg Art Walk’ self-guided map: Find more art by Bernica Michel on Instagram: @labelleart._ & @nica.labelle.