Ministry of Justice Placement Progress

April 12, 2023 2:47 pm

~ Update 1 ~

Philipsburg – The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson has in close collaboration with the NAPB, ABVO, and WICSU/PSU unions worked on the function book, the placement process, the incorporation of the 16.3% allowance in the salary scale, and the “Legal Position Regulation” for the Justice workers.

Meetings, information- and work sessions with the Presidents and or representatives of the unions, permitted the Ministry to reach the achieved goals, namely the function book, the commencement of the placement process, and the start of the application of new salary scales. The Unions are fully represented in the placement process and are informed every step of the way of all that is done to meet targets and final completion of the entire process. Communication on the process and the progress is therefore not only from the Minister to the Justice workers but also from the Unions to their members.

A Ministry of approximately 700 plus workers is undergoing function assignments and placement offers at this time. The Vice President of the NAPB is the Union representative on the Placement Committee to participate and oversee the process on behalf of the Justice workers represented by various Unions. Due to the tenacity and dedication of the Placement Committee, KPSM, Customs, National Detectives, Staff Bureau, Financial Information Unit and the Immigration and Border Protection Services have received their offer letters throughout the weekend. Having completed the larger departments, the final department slated to receive offer letters is the Pointe Blanche Prison and House of Detention including the Miss Lalie Center.

The dedication and commitment to serve the interest of all Justice workers are evident as the Human Resource staff worked throughout the night to ensure the continued issuance of offer letters over the Easter weekend. Considering the complexity of the calculations to be made, the required information from payroll systems and the Justice Workers are required to ensure correct calculations are made. This work will continue at this rate until all eligible Justice workers for retroactive pay, under the prior executed Covenant Agreement in this regard, have received calculations for review.

Minister Richardson stated, “I am appreciative of all the work and efforts of workers within the Justice chain, for without the active contribution of the eligible workers, it is impossible to complete calculations with consideration of actual circumstances. This is teamwork and without collaborations, none of this would have been possible. We have a bit more to go but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The placement process will continue with national decrees as a final formalization when placements have been accepted and/or appeals have been completed. The most prudent way to complete the processes, occurring simultaneously, is sought to ensure that Justice Workers’ legal positions are formalized.