Sygnus and Acrecent Financial Corporation Expands Alternative Investment Offerings to SMES in Puerto Rico

April 14, 2023 10:39 am

(San Juan, Puerto Rico) As a result of its acquisition of Acrecent Financial Corporation in 2022, Sygnus announced the expansion of its commercial credit financial services and attractive investment options for investors both inside and outside Puerto Rico at a recently staged Summit held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 29th to formally introduce Sygnus to the Puerto Rico business community.

The summit hosted by Sygnus and Acrecent, entitled "Catalyzing Economic Growth Through Alternative Investments," included key stakeholders, Government officials, and members of the business community across the island of Puerto Rico. The Sygnus team used this event as an opportunity to highlight the multiple opportunities that exist in Puerto Rico's financial market, and how this union between Sygnus and Acrecent will further expand their value offering through Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Credit, and Impact Capital. This expanded offering facilitates the deployment of critical financing to hundreds of SMEs in underserved sectors that are essential for the social and economic development of Puerto Rico, such as healthcare, affordable housing construction, hospitality, and renewable energy, among others.

The event featured the participation of the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Manuel Cidre, who passionately proclaimed why now is the ideal time to invest in Puerto Rico, and emphasized the island’s distinctive potential for financial investment and the socio-economic impact it can produce for present and future generations.

"The number of companies deciding to expand their goods and services operations from Puerto Rico continues to grow sustainably. This trend is due to the excellent human capital and talent in specialized sectors such as finance, which undoubtedly makes us competitive against the rest of the world. I am a strong believer in this country and in its people. This is the moment to invest in Puerto Rico, and not only in traditional investment. There is plenty of opportunity in workforce development, talent, collectivity, logistics, renewable energy, and in access to capital. We have the opportunity to create a platform for the sustainable economic development of the island,“ commented Cidre.