Sarid DVN To Launch Debut Album in August

June 12, 2023 1:13 pm

Local gospel artist Sarid DVN is preparing to launch his debut album this summer. The Jamaican-born, St. Kitts-based artist, has been dropping a slew of singles for the past few years and is finally releasing his long-awaited debut album at the launch event slated for August 27th. It promises to be one of the most anticipated events for the year.

The launch will be held at the Halal Praise Worship Tabernacle in Needsmust. Speaking recently about the event, Sarid said fans can expect a major musical experience with ministry at the center. “Expect to hear from God, expect food for the soul, and expect reconciliation because that's the ministry that God blesses us with. Expect healing, deliverance, expect a breakthrough. Expect to dance for God, to jump for God, to worship, expect to shout Hallelujah, expect the message, good news, good food, melodies for the broken," he said.

It's not all about Sarah DVN, as several local and regional gospel artists will be featured on the lineup.

"Award-winning gospel recording artist Rohan Clark, a Jamaican who is based in Atlanta; he's one of them on the lineup. But we have another: Born Again, a Christian rapper from Jamaica. Also, Elsa Presiden from Saint Croix,” he disclosed. Others include Tehillah, Roots Band, Blestina, Tabitha, and several others.

Meanwhile, prior to the launch, Sarid DVN will be ministering in Saint Lucia at the Church of God's Seventh-Day Caribbean conference, which will serve as a pre-launch event for his album. That event will be held at the Castries Secondary School. Sarid DVN recently released his latest single Zion, which was accompanied by a music video and has been receiving positive reviews. To learn more about Sarid DVN, visit his social media outlets at Sarid DVN.