Hookie Weekend highlights J’ouvert & Mas with interesting 2023 themes

June 9, 2023 1:00 pm

Washington, DC (Sonique Solutions) – HookieLife Entertainment proudly presents the highly anticipated J'ouvert and Mas events that have become a fixture during its annual weekend of festivity, Hookie Weekend. The beloved staples ‘Lion’s Pride J’ouvert’ and ‘Riddim & Road’ are back for 2023 with creative themes much to the delight of patrons.

Taking place at the Rosecroft Raceway on Saturday, June 17th, and Sunday, June 18th respectively, Lion’s Pride J’ouvert and Riddim & Road are both celebrations of Caribbean culture, music, and vibrant revelry. These exhilarating events promise to arouse the DMV with an explosion of colour, energy, and energizing rhythms that will captivate the diverse collection of attendees.

For 2023, Lion’s Pride J’ouvert bears the theme ‘Pirates of The West Indies’. Along with mud, paint, powder, music trucks, and drinks trucks, the promoters have always amplified the vibe by encouraging patrons to dress up in character to match the annual theme. One can expect an onslaught of swashbuckling get-ups and regalia for this year’s edition of the large-scale J’ouvert affair.

The fan favourite, Riddim & Road which is Hookie Weekend’s answer to the ‘pretty mas’ experience is this year themed ‘House of Cards’. As done in previous years, the event allows the participants to design their own costumes, utilize their ‘Monday Wear’, or masquerade with old costumes from previous international carnivals.

HookieLife team member Jason Bough touched on the motivation behind the 2023 themes for these events stating, “As we always try to activate creativity in our guests, this year we were brainstorming a theme for Lion’s Pride that could be fun, uniquely Caribbean and one that could influence several costume variations, in particular different island-styled approaches to the costumes, thus Pirates of The West Indies was conceived”.

He continued, “The House of Cards theme is a commentary on the fragility and fleeting nature of life. For this year’s Riddim & Road, we have partnered with a professional designer to capture the essence of our motif and to create unique ‘House of Cards’ costumes for purchase.”

These events are geared to transport attendees to the lively streets of the Caribbean and to provide an unforgettable experience for all.

Lion’s Pride J’ouvert and Riddim & Road are 2 essential elements of Hookie Weekend (along with the events ‘Release Therapy’, ‘Hookie DC Pool Party’, ‘Shine DC’ and ‘Oasis’) but also add the necessary value to the overall mission of HookieLife Entertainment, that is to create a grand showcase of the rich cultural heritage and traditions that positively define the Caribbean.

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