One thousand students registered for school bus service

August 13, 2021 12:41 pm
PHILIPSBURG -- The government has reintroduced school bus cards “to improve the service in school-bussing,” Minister Rodolphe Samuel (Education, Culture, Youth and Sports) said at last Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing. So far, a thousand students have registered for the cards. All students, registered or not, will be able to use the school bus service up to September, the minister announced. However: “Only students who have registered will be allowed to use the service after September.” Applications for the school bus card must include the ID or passport of both the student and her/his parent or guardian. They must accept conditions related to the student’s behavior on the school bus. Registration closed last Thursday. Due to glitches in the computer system, some parents may not have been able to complete the online registration for their child, the minister said. Because the registration for the service has already been closed, it remains unclear which options unregistered students still have. Last Wednesday Minister Samuel called on parents and guardians to “take the necessary steps” to have their child registered. The bus cards will display a picture of the student and they will be distributed to the schools as soon as they become available. For additional information, parents and guardians can email the Register and Ride School Bus Team at