LU students accepted to prestigious colleges

July 6, 2020 3:32 pm

Caption: Head of the schools College Counseling department Mark Beland.

~ LUPS students accepted to prestigious colleges ~

CAY HILL -- Learning Unlimited Preparatory School (LUPS) will continue its proud academic streak of sending virtually 100% of its senior class off to four-year colleges and universities the world over.

The LUPS senior class of 2020, 24 students in total, has compiled an impressive list of college acceptances again this year, despite current local and world challenges. A small sampling of university acceptances for its students, to date, encompasses esteemed institutions across the U.S., around Canada, and throughout the globe including the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Concordia University, Ryerson University, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Waterloo, Queens University, Glion, Les Roches, Johnson & Wales, Ecole Bleu, the University of Monaco, Florida Atlantic University, Flagler College, Boyce College, The University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Northumbria University, Greenwich University, Bristol University and more.

“Throughout the years our students have braved SATs, ACTs, SAT II subject tests, AP exams, and extensive online learning and testing. Learning Unlimited has some of the best scoring and most knowledgeable students coming out of any high school, anywhere. We can say with great confidence that the Class of 2020 will be more than prepared for their future endeavors,” LUPS Director Daunesh Alcott said. 

Looking ahead at a world fighting a pandemic, Alcott said many questions remain unanswered as colleges and universities make decisions about their range of operations over the next academic year, in particular, what are the conditions and realities for this new crop of students?

“The onset of the post-secondary environment, in the fall term, for this year's high school graduates will most certainly be a much different experience for this group than for their predecessors. For this group of academicians, their first-year experience will include online learning, social distancing, hybrid classes, alternating schedules, reduced dorm capacity, and a wealth of evolving experiences in an uncertain future. What is sure and certain is that this group of students are about to undergo an experience that is tantamount to field training for the future workforce, because when they graduate, chances are going to be increasing every day that they will be working in a virtual space in the future,” he said. 

Nevertheless, he added, LUPS students are prepared and ready to take on the world and he credited much of this preparation to the head of the school's College Counseling department Mark Beland. “By the time LUPS students reach the 12th Grade and during the course of the application period, from September through February of the senior year, each student works with Mr. Beland on a myriad of issues such as the implications of early decision/action, crafting of the student’s extracurricular resume, mock interview sessions, teachers’ recommendations, and financial aid,” Alcott said.

He continued: “Our College Counselor, English teachers, and administrators work with students throughout the fall as they complete and perfect their application essays. Throughout the school year, representatives of several of the colleges to which our students apply come to LUPS to meet our juniors and seniors. The LUPS College Counseling program supports each senior throughout the admissions process and helps students identify and gain acceptance to the college or colleges which suit their academic, lifestyle, extracurricular interests, and financial circumstances. This demonstrates yet again the value of an American-accredited LUPS education.”