Panneflek: Encourages the community to remain vigilant

June 24, 2020 4:47 am

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Honorable Minister of VSA Richard Panneflek would like to ensure the protection of residents and visitors from the spread of COVID-19. The government is working jointly with the various stakeholders to take responsible incremental steps towards the reopening of the borders; with the aim to restart the local economy. We urge all residents to comply with the preventative advice; maintain 2 meters social distance, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, practice sneezing and coughing in a tissue and immediately discard of it in a garbage bin and wash your hands. If experiencing flu like symptoms; stay at home and do not attend public gatherings, consult your physician and inform your employer(s), be conscious of the spread of the virus and take the necessary actions to stay safe.

Negligent actions can have severe consequences for the lives of persons within your family circle or direct environment, especially if they are high risk. Remind your family, friends, and colleagues of the measures to protect themselves and others within your community. Follow the guidelines at your work place, in school, at home, and in church. If you have any concerns related to the COVID-19 guidelines, please feel free to call 914 or visit the government’s website for additional information.

To date we have 77 positive cases, with zero cases reported within the last 4 weeks. The number of deaths associated to COVID-19 remains at 15. We are jointly managing the situation and making progress in the right direction towards a COVID-19 free country.

The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Border Control, will continue the process of repatriating local residents who wish to return home, with the conditions of being quarantined for 14 days in a designated quarantine facility.

All persons who wish to return to Sint Maarten should send an email to the Department of Foreign Affairs with the following information:

1.         Name

2.         Number of persons in you’re traveling party

3.         Contact information

4.         Country of departure

5.         Proof of legal status

As government, we are working on a vigilant and responsible plan, guided by what is the safest approach to ensure early detection and prevent the resurgence of the virus on Sint Maarten. Our main goal and vision is to keep our country safe, healthy, wealthy and strong. Government will continue to collectively discuss ways of minimizing the risks of transmission, and find creative ways to cope and live with COVID-19, as the medical experts globally continue to seek ways to minimize the mortality rate for COVID-19. We are eager to welcome back visitors to our shores, but we wish to do so in a safe and responsible manner.

Let us stay safe, protect other’s by adhering to the set guidelines and let us continue to collectively strive to improve our economy and ensure a healthy community.

May GOD be with us all on our path to reopening our border and may GOD protect Sint Maarten and the rest world to continue seeing COVID-19 free days ahead.