Limited movement for grocery shopping as of Thursday

April 16, 2020 6:24 am

POND ISLAND -- The government made it known on Monday that limited movement in order to do grocery shopping will be possible as of Thursday. It was however noted that persons entering shops must wear facemasks.

Limited movement within neighbourhoods will be set in motion as of Thursday. This will allow more residents to access groceries stores and supermarkets within their neighbourhoods on a special schedule only for essential items. This is to keep movement within the neighbourhoods as much as possible. The aim is for residents to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as possible and back home in the shortest possible time.

In spite of this limited movement for groceries, the country will remain on under a state of emergency (lockdown), but with the allowance of grocery shopping in a staggered and orderly manner.

The Prime Minister made known that a complete explanation of the limited movement structure and schedule to visit the supermarkets will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday.