All essential workers movement waivers automatically extended

April 16, 2020 7:25 am

POND ISLAND -- All current waivers held by essential workers will continue to remain valid for the duration of the lock down. This means the waivers are automatically extended. There is no need to submit a request to government for a new waiver when your current waiver expires at the end of this week.

The automatic renewal does not apply to one-time use waivers, e.g. waiver granted for one day to non-essential personnel.

Only people who are now heading out to work, such as those working in banks and supermarkets that were not yet opened etc., will need a waiver signed by the employer (using Form A). This does not need to be sent to or signed by the Prime Minister or the Chief of Police.

For other movement at periods when this is allowed, residents will need to carry the Personal Waiver (Form B). This is filled out and signed by the holders of the waiver (read you). A waiver will need to be signed up each day or for movement at different times.

People taking care of the elderly should use the Personal Waiver (Form B). This form must indicate urgent reason for movement and district to be accessed.