Minister Ottley in collaboration with CDFHA & Women's Desk signed on to 2nd cohort Women’s self-defense training

June 21, 2023 10:45 am

PHILIPSBURG – The Women’s Basic Self-Defense Training 2nd cohort commenced on Thursday, June 08th with an information session while the training started on Tuesday, June 13th. The physical training got off to a start at 6:00 pm at the Gaston Boasman Help Desk for the Elderly & Disabled and Women’s Desk. Participants were extremely enthusiastic and geared up to train. Ladies started with strength training and conditioning. The 2nd cohort came after the graduation of 11 participants in March and a registration period. Given the demand for the training, it has been expanded to accommodate 20 women in this second group.

The Women’s Basic Self-Defense training is a pilot project that started in November 2022 during the international observation period of the United Nations' 16 days of activism for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls. The overarching goal of this self-defense training project is to equip women with the physical and mental capacity to prevent and respond to violence perpetuated towards them.

The Women’s Basis Self-Defense training is a certified training and runs for a duration of three months, 2x per week, Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Gaston Boasman Help Desk for the Elderly & Disabled and Women’s Desk. Participants will be evaluated periodically, will be required to complete an examination at the end, and must have an attendance rate of no less than 80% to be awarded the certificate.

“I support this initiative wholeheartedly as it prepares women in our society for the unknown. During the first session, I was able to experience the self-defense tactics firsthand. I see this project as an opportunity for women to learn the skills needed to protect themselves.” said Ottley.

To be eligible for the training the following criteria have to be met: participants should be between the ages of 18 -59; a residence of Dutch Sint Maarten, not necessarily born here but registered at the Census Office, and have a valid Identification card; valid Health Insurance; in a good state of health; and willing to push themselves to train. Participants are required to complete a registration form, in some instances, complete an assessment and, enter into an agreement committing to the training. The training attracts a small contribution of $60, - for the entire training.

Although the training commenced, if persons are interested please feel free to contact Mrs. Elencia Baptiste-Boasman at the email address for further information.

Ladies remember “Your Own Defense is your Best Defense”