N.V. GEBE Urges Consumers to Remain Current with Monthly Payments

October 31, 2022 9:29 am

As N.V. GEBE remains diligently focused on updating the company's billing systems, consumer data, and administration processes, some customers may have questions and/or concerns. N.V. GEBE, hereby, apologizes for any inconveniences caused due to the unfortunate circumstances, and urges those select customers who may not have received a bill or, have any billing concerns to please contact GEBE via the help desk at: (721) 546-1100/ 546-1160, e-mail: gebesxm@nvgebe.com, WhatsApp: +1721-588-3117 or, at the Philipsburg/Simpson Bay branch offices.

With N.V. GEBE's teams strongly focused on resolving various pressing billing and operational concerns, the solutions are imminent, with fully functional systems forthcoming within the near future. It has been noted, however, that among the majority of customers who have received correct bills, payment compliance remains remarkably low (50%). This presents financial management challenges for both N.V. GEBE and the customer. Even with consideration of select few customers who may temporarily be experiencing some billing challenges, most are fully aware of their average monthly utility consumption and therefore, are requested to pay for their regular usage of electricity and water supply, which are being continuously provided.

With that in mind, customers are strongly urged to make monthly payments, based on their average consumption amounts in order to avoid the ongoing accrual of the bill totals, which can grow into disproportionate amounts if regular payments are not being made. For example, consider a scenario whereby customer ‘John Doe’ has paid an average of NAF. 250 per month in utility expenses. However, Mr. Doe has not made any payments on his bill from February-October, 2022, but, he continues to consume water and electricity at his leisure. That amount will undoubtedly accrue to NAF. 2,250, over the past 9 months. Once this total remains outstanding, along with the ongoing monthly payments that continuously accrue – due to non-payment, this will result in a large sum. This may all become due within the same period of time, as all billing issues have been fully resolved. Please see the summary table following below

Monthly Period Outstanding Amount
February - NAF. 250
March - NAF. 250
April - NAF. 250
May - NAF. 250
June - NAF. 250
July - NAF. 250
August - NAF. 250
September - NAF. 250
October - NAF. 250
TOTAL - NAF. 2,250

"Financial budget management is not only essential for the company's operations, but also for each household and all businesses that are consuming the utilities being provided by GEBE. In the cases of those customers who are not making any payments, this will add up to amounts that will require stricter collection measures. In an effort to prevent that, consumers are urged to stay up to date with their bill payments," says Troy Washington, NV GEBE's Temporary Manager.

Customers are hereby reminded to make all outstanding payments (for March - September 2022) if they haven't done so already. The records reflect that, thus far, only a limited number of customers (i.e., 50%) have been compliant with the regular payment of their average monthly utility usage. This is in need of drastic improvements in order to avoid any undesirable consequences.

“As mentioned previously, N.V. GEBE remains dedicated to powering the entire community of St. Maarten with reliable electricity and water supply on a continual basis. Therefore, customers are urged to uphold their responsibility to pay, at least, the average monthly consumption. The timely payment of bills helps to ensure the sustainable operations of St. Maarten’s sole utility company, which, consequently, serves everyone’s benefit. We all rely on the continuous supply of electricity and water. With community support, particularly with the fulfillment of our respective obligations, N.V. GEBE shall continue to efficiently power the community of St. Maarten,” shares Washington.

N.V. GEBE stands firmly on its mission to serve consumers as a committed company that provides reliable, cost-effective, quality electricity, water, and waste management services in a safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and innovative manner. Towards this end, ongoing community updates with additional details on various relevant matters will be provided. Please remain abreast of the website: www.nvgebe.com and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nvgebe, as well as the relevant media outlets for further information.