GCG Empowers Saba Laura Linzey Daycare Professionals

November 29, 2022 10:45 am

Little Bay, St. Maarten: Gittens Consultancy Group (GCG) formerly Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) Kicked Off the Public Entity of Saba Laura Linzey Day Care Team Building Retreat, on Friday, November 25, 2022, for their valued day-care professionals with an empowering Motivational Speech.

The Motivational Presentation, “Mindset, Power & Synergy the formula for a Culture of Service Excellence,” was facilitated by Motivational Speaker, Dr. Natasha Gittens, President and CEO of Gittens Consultancy a well-recognized speaker throughout the Caribbean that has facilitated similar speeches for organizations such as: Princess Juliana Airport, The St. Eustatius Tourism Office, Charlotte Brookson Academy, Motorworld Groups of Companies, St. Maarten Laboratory Services, the Public Entity of Saba Government, CC1 St. Maarten, New Challenges High School St. Eustatius, N.V. GEBE and many more.

Dr. Gittens’s motivational presentations focus on a diverse consortium of topics and can be customized for the needs of any organization, on topics such as: Integrity, Positivity in The Workplace, Communication, Teamwork, Organizational Advancement, Coaching & Development for High Performing Employees, Code of Conduct, Employee Engagement, Increase Sales & Profits Margins, The Keys to Customer Service Excellence, Tourism and all the Possibilities, Hospitality a Culture of Servitude, Management & Leadership Techniques for Change, Entrepreneurship: The Next Level, Business Development & Advancement, Marketing Guru Principles and much more.

Tessa Alexander, Day Care Manager of Laura Linzy Day Care Center stated, I have had the pleasure of encountering Dr. Gittens for other presentations and was moved by her interaction with the audience and ability to motivate teams at various levels in development. I knew that our team would learn a great deal from the delivery and would be able to return to Saba empowered to take our center to a new, advanced level in all aspects of our services. We are also committed to pursuing a follow up with GCG to facilitate Training & Professional Development courses with our team, as our commitment to be the best day care professionals possible for our community, children and parents.

Furthermore, as part of continual efforts to build a stronger team, we are conducting this Team Building Activity. The staff of the LLDCC have made major strides in their education in the past 3 years (CVQ 2 and MBO 3). LLDCC has also focused on improvement of the quality of childcare including facilities, professionalization, curriculum and methods within the groups.

This Team building retreat, is geared towards a new focus area for continuous improvement- Mindset. This focus area is to reframe and establish new attitudes and norms towards childcare, working more efficiently together as a team. The team will also focus on redefining and embedding our Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Team building is essential for a positive work environment. This team building activity is meant to not only focus on Mindset Coaching and Vision/Mission development; but to also motivate and encourage LLDCC Staff- which can lead to a higher rate of job satisfaction and help drive employees to give maximum contribution on the job. Participating in team building activities can also contribute to employee’s sense of belonging and can lead to pride in oneself and one’s job. Happy workers lead to higher production and a positive work environment for all.

For more information on GCG Motivation Presentations, call 526-2052.