Entrepreneurship World Cup Sint Maarten/St. Martin Winner Goes To The Caribbean Regionals

November 18, 2022 12:37 pm

Great Bay, St. Maarten – “We are extremely pleased to congratulate Mr. Jerome Gumbs of Impaq Marketing on being selected to represent Sint Maarten/St. Martin in the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) Caribbean Regional Finals 2022 being hosted this coming Sunday,” says EWC Sint Maarten/St. Martin National Host, Cristal Legrand.

During a private evaluation of the applications submitted this year, Mr. Gumbs, CEO of Impaq Marketing not only met the EWC's 4P criteria of Product. People, Potential, and Predictability but also demonstrated the potential for growth beyond the borders of our island, making it an ideal candidate to represent Sint Maarten/St. Martin on this global platform.

Impaq Marketing was established in 2020 and is a service-oriented company that provides Marketing and Business Development services tailored to maximize business growth through its research-supported proprietary 5/7 step approach.

The commercial landscape has become more competitive and fast-paced and the need for businesses to maximize their growth potential is key for stability. Marketing and Business Development are two key pillars that reinforce stability and propel business growth. Impaq Marketing is committed to developing and growing these pillars for our clients, says Mr. Gumbs.

As the winner of EWC Sint Maarten/St. Martin, Mr. Gumbs will now have the opportunity to pitch his business on the EWC global platform alongside 18 regional finalists from 18 islands across the Caribbean. The regional competition will be hosted on Sunday 20th November 2022 at 3:00 pm AST. We encourage supporters from the island to tune into the live competition on the Entrepreneurship World Cup YouTube Channel.

The winner of EWC Caribbean Regional Finals will be invited to participate in a structured virtual boot camp alongside entrepreneurs from across the globe in February 2023. Teams participate in 90-minute cohort-level workshops and direct one-to-one mentorship sessions designed to explore unique challenges, uncover applicable solutions, and refine their pitch and presentation.

Then if selected by EWC to be among the Top 100 global entrepreneurs, finalists will advance to the quarterfinals. These Top finalists will be invited to pitch at the Global Finals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in March 2023. The finalists are put through live and virtual training sessions and given the opportunity to network with potential investors and compete on stage for a share of prizes worth millions of dollars.

The EWC100 are ultimately enrolled in the GEN Starters Club, providing a global peer network, mentorship, and other support services to help members reach their full potential.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a program that empowers entrepreneurs at all levels – from the idea stage through scale-up – helping them reach the next stage in their journey. It combines a pitch competition with access to a platform offering virtual training resources, targeted mentoring, perks, potential investment, and a shot at life-changing prizes. The Entrepreneurship World Cup is produced by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, backed by a broad collection of entrepreneurial support organizations and strategic partners. Therefore, we encourage entrepreneurs in Sint Maarten/St. Martin follow the EWC Caribbean Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ewccaribbean to stay up to date on our developments and for the announcement of our 2023 call for applications.