COCI launches online registry search option

November 17, 2022 9:55 am

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (xx July 2022) – It is now possible to perform a free and instant search to verify if a business is officially registered on St. Maarten via the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) business registry search tool.

The registry search tool is available via business-registry/ or by clicking on ‘business search registry’ on the homepage. All entities registered with COCI (limited liability company NV, private limited liability company BV, sole proprietorship, foundations, and associations) are searchable via the website. No sign up or login needed.

Seekers can use the portal to search for businesses/entities by official name or by tradename (“Doing Business As) or the COCI registration number. Any one of the three options will render a result as long as the business/entity sought is duly registered with COCI.

The addresses of directors are not publicly available for privacy and safety reasons. While the search tool will confirm whether a business or entity is registered with COCI, the search result is not an official document or excerpt. Therefore, the result cannot to be used for official purposes.

An official excerpt can be requested online via the COCI portal. There is a “request excerpt” button that displays with the search result. Payment for the excerpt can be made online. The requestor can opt to receive the excerpt by email or to pick up at the COCI office.

COCI's Supervisory Board said of this new addition: “This move is meant to improve compliance on St. Maarten, by being able to quickly verify the legality of a business. We see this as a much needed service to the business and wider community.”

All businesses/entities are reminded by COCI that it is important to ensure the legal business address and director information are updated at all times. “Failure to do this means a business is non-compliant and runs a risk of being proposed to
dissolve,”, COCI's Board said.