BPO expansion a positive sign for the Caribbean, says recruitment service head

February 16, 2023 9:33 am

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA — True to earlier projections that suggested the services sector would be a major driver of job growth in the Caribbean after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is pleased to see that business process outsourcing (BPO) jobs seem to be on the rise in the region.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is a market-leading digital talent acquisition service that aims to connect the top talent from the Caribbean with hiring managers, HR professionals, and decision-makers in companies both within the Caribbean as well as abroad. Further, it aims to provide the region’s jobseekers and those who are already employed with news and resources related to Caribbean labor.

As early as last summer, regional economists and organizations were predicting economic growth for the services industry as many Caribbean countries looked to diversify away from traditional sectors like tourism and agriculture — services jobs being those that provide services rather than goods to clientele.

At the time, Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO, said, “The potential for the services sector to directly and indirectly lead to increased employment is enormous, and we would be happy to connect job seekers with the new jobs that become available.”

Since that time, several global BPO companies have either opened new offices within the Caribbean or revealed plans to expand their existing operations. Most recently, a company with offices in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Guyana revealed plans to open a second location in Guyana — and to hire a host of new employees in roles from entry level to upper management accordingly.

“The expansion was not too surprising, considering the Guyanese government already hinted at hundreds of jobs in the BPO arena would be coming onstream this year,” said Boll, “but it’s still promising to see the kind of growth that we have been anticipating since last year. Continued growth despite recession fears suggests that certain sectors are on a positive trajectory within the Caribbean. If this trend continues, and we hope it does, it would be a very positive sign for the future.”