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April 11, 2023 12:02 pm

We are a small business reaching out for help to save our reefs via a new product to battle invasive Lionfish. We are local to South Florida with a passion for the ocean, diving, and keeping our oceans and reef systems beautiful and healthy for generations to come. There is a growing problem of non-native predatory Lionfish invading the coastal waters from the Carolinas to Texas and throughout the Caribbean. Lionfish are destructive to our reefs as they reproduce rapidly and eat our native fish and crustacean population. Although there is a way to help, and that is by harvesting lionfish while SCUBA diving, free-diving, or snorkeling - however you need the appropriate gear because Lionfish have venomous spines. Despite this, Lionfish are safe to spear, fillet, and eat when handled properly. They're delicious too!

At Aquatic Hunt, we strive to provide not only education about Lionfish and safe handling but also provide the gear required to do so. We have spent the last 12 months developing a best-in-class containment system called the Lionfish Locker, which is planned to launch via a pre-order on 4/14. The Lionfish Locker was designed with the features that divers need such as built-in spear storage, a strong and sturdy handle, drainage when handing up out of the water in under 3 seconds, and a hinged door to easily empty your catch. We were also mindful of finding a way to efficiently ship to harder-to-reach Caribbean islands that need this gear to hunt, so the Lionfish Locker breaks down to ship flat, saving space when shipping, and reducing our carbon footprint. Finally, the Lionfish Locker was developed to be able to offer a well-thought-out, quality product designed by divers, at a value in the market so that more divers can harvest lionfish affordably.

We'd very much appreciate your time and attention to help get the word out about our innovative new product to help save our reefs. Our goal is to engage 1,000 new Lionfish hunters this summer to make a positive impact on our reef systems.

Please help by writing and sharing our story to fight against this invasive predator.

We have attached a one-page summary about Lionfish and the Lionfish Locker's benefits for reference as well as a press kit with relative images if needed. Further, we have included links to the launch video and more below.

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